The Jennifer Desrosiers Team Gives Back!

Hello, friends!

This has been a year of massive change and accomplishment. Not only did I find my professional home at Cape Premier Realty just about a year ago now, I also achieved my broker’s license in real estate and shortly after, formed the small team I now manage! What a whirlwind of a year!

Many of you may know that when I’m not in the office or out showing property, I’m also Mom to three incredible kids, two nearly grown and one still in elementary school. I’m also a police wife – and very proud to be so. Having raised my children right here in our Cape Coral community, and with a spouse that serves and protects throughout all of Lee County, it felt like as my career began to grow, so should my level of community involvement. So, my team and I have decided to begin a tradition of giving back.

Our first event was focused around Law Enforcement Appreciation week. (It seemed only natural to start where my heart lays 🙂 )

It was an honor to deliver treats and messages of thanks and encouragement to our local men and women in blue, black, and green – but we aren’t finished yet! Keep an eye out around your workplace – because whether you work in our schools, hospitals, libraries or fire departments, you deserve a moment of thanks for all you do for Cape Coral, and we are the Realtors that are going to do it!

We are delighted to make this a part of our larger commitment to protect and promote the community we serve, through thanking those within it. Please continue to check back as we add to the list of those we’ve managed to surprise – and if you have any suggestions, send a message! We’d love to hear input!

~ The Jennifer Desrosiers Team ~

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