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Grand Opening Celebration!

Hello all!


The time has come ~ Cape Premier is ready to open, and we want you to be here for the party! All of the details can be found below, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. I just can’t wait to pop the champagne and celebrate this new adventure with friends old and new.


See you next Friday!


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Just a cozy night at home…

Hey everybody!

So I know I’ve been pretty heavy on the real estate posts ~ I can’t really apologize for that because I’m pretty excited at what’s been happening in my career right now! 😆

But there’s more to me than just the houses. Tonight, for example, I’m settled into my favorite cozy chair, curled up with my pupper and my hubby, listening to records and working on my NEARLY FINISHED STORY!!!

That’s right! Just about two years of writing, and I am officially 10,000 words away from finishing. Sure, I’ll have to edit. And then the real hustle begins ~ but guys, this is exciting for me. My first finished novel. Wow. 🤗😍🤓

Looking forward to sharing the final draft with you all some time soon, but in the meantime it’s back to the grindstone for this lady.

Happy Saturday night, y’all. Make it a cozy one!


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Oops! We did it again. . .

Happy Saturday to you, friends! Just ahead of my scheduled open house for tomorrow morning, I’ve done something crazy. My beautiful listing at 1504 NW 31st Ave. in sunshiney Cape Coral, Florida was just reduced – to only $229,900!!!

When I tell you my sellers are motivated, I am not messing around. Help me get this beautiful home sold!


For full listing details, please visit the link below:

1504 NW 31st Ave. – Listing Info.

    Tell your friends, share it out – come and visit my open house tomorrow morning from 10am-12pm, and lets find a new owner for this gorgeous move in ready single family property, today!



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daisy-flower-spring-marguerite-67857.jpegGood morning friends! Happy Spring!

Or should I say happy “spring”, since I know there’s a pretty massive group of you getting SNOWED ON yet again today. Yikes.


With that in mind, I wanted to share that I’ve just dropped the price of my single family home in NW Cape Coral (ahem, that’s here in Florida, where we don’t have snow, cold, or slush – just saying 🙂 ) all the way down to just $235,000!!!!! WHOA, right?!?!?!


Take a peek at these photos, and then call for your own private tour. Seriously, we are now significantly below pool homes, BUT with all the upgrades like stainless appliances, solid wood cabinetry, granite countertops and real stone backsplash both in the kitchen and along the breakfast bar – this could be your dream home! Three bedrooms, two dens, fenced in backyard, and a golf course view!


Welcome Home. . .



SO GORGEOUS, am I right?! Here’s a link for complete listing info:

1504 NW 31st Ave. Cape Coral, FL

Call today – these sellers are ready to make a deal, and I’m just the Realtor to help with that 🙂

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Hello everyone!


I am delighted to share some news with you today: I’ve moved my license to an absolutely incredible new brokerage – Cape Premier Realty!



Located at the intersection of Burnt Store, Veterans and Pine Island Rd. – my new office has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Cape Coral’s ongoing growth and expansion projects, on top of providing the diligent, skilled expertise in any real estate transaction throughout Southwest Florida and beyond!

I couldn’t be happier to be making this transition back to a Cape Coral home base, with a full time, on site broker who is dedicated to the success of not only myself but also my customers.

This is a big step along my path toward another successful year in Florida real estate!

Thank you all, for celebrating along with me as I begin this transition into my business’ brand new home. Come and see me soon ~ you’re going to love it just as much as I do!



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Finding my voice, again

I’ve been a writer all my life. It’s true! The first gift I ever gave my husband, when we were nothing more than fourteen year old children celebrating the first Christmas of our young high school lives, was a short story. About grown up us, coming home for the holidays. I still remember collecting my pages, still warm from the word processor I used to print them out – remember, this was 1994, long before computers were a thing -placed them in a book report approved plastic binder, and finally, wrapped in curled ribbons of silver and gold, presented this monstrosity to the boy without a hint of embarrassment. Yikes.

I’m a nerd, and a romantic. Don’t judge!

nerd liz lemon
Thank you, Tina Fey, for being both my doppelgänger and inspiration ❤

Aaaaanyway. . .






So here’s the thing about all of that: when we stumbled upon some pretty terrible times later on in life,  I stopped writing entirely. No poetry, songs, short or long stories. All of those artistic ways I used to define myself as more than just a mom, or a wife, I’d suddenly deemed off limits. Punishment for my sins,  although I don’t think I ever acknowledged it in such a way in the moment.  More than a decade went by before I even noticed what I’d done to myself.  Suddenly, out of the blue, I found myself a person without substance. Looking in the mirror, I saw absolutely nothing in my reflection. Family room organizer. Prized laundry folder.  Excellent cooker of italian dinners. But beyond those utilitarian talents, there was nothing inherently “me” about me. Years of neglecting my soul had left me soul-less, and it was a terrifying wake up call.

Promptly, I re-entered therapy and set out on a mission to fall back in love with who I am. That was when I realized I had absolutely no idea who that was. Not only had I lost myself, it happened so swiftly and at so young an age, I had never really become anything that could be lost in the first place. I figured, the best place to begin would be music. Writing is the sharing of the soul. My soul needed a little coddling before it was primed to be shared, so I dusted off the old guitar and plucked out some Letters to Cleo tunes. My singing voice was shameful – but at least I was playing music again.


After a few months of sore fingertips and broken strings, my heart broke wide open, and I finally felt free and familiar. Comfortable in my own skin, at long last.

One night, I sat alone in my home office, in the dark. I’ve always had a story to tell, and I finally felt ready to tell it. Now, here we are. 40,000 words in and outlined to finish close to the 80,000 word goal I set for myself more than a year ago. I know what foods I love, what foods I hate, what I’m passionately for and against, and that I absolutely detest wearing tight, short, or remotely revealing dresses even if the other women in my office all choose to dress in such a manner. Basically, for the first time in all my thirty-six years, I am wildly, authentically myself. And boy, does it feel good ❤