The ‘Glamorous’ Life of a Realtor – #TrueTalk

Hello friends!

At this very moment, I’ve found myself seated in the midst of an open house. (5020 Saxony Ct. 1pm – 4pm BUT if you can’t make it, peek at my video section for a special walk through video, just for you!)

OH, the glamorous life of a realtor! Here is what “open house day” means to me: Nervously keeping an eye on all the front facing windows and doors, lest I be taken off guard when someone walks in (because they frown upon attacking potential customers in this business!) while strategically placing business cards, sign in sheets, and detailed print outs of why this home is exactly right for YOU!

Welcome to my open house! Let’s talk for a really long time!!! 


And please don’t forget the prior-to-arrival prep work of planning an outfit that is both comfortable in the Florida heat, yet professional. If you are a female, and anxious like I am, there’s the extra bonus of making yourself look pretty – but not too pretty.

There are crazies out there. For reals.

      The stress and precision of hosting an open house is no joke, you guys. It’s taken me years to master the morning jitters on open house days, and still in spite of all my experience and tried and true methods, I have to tell you there is no real rhyme or reason to what actually happens once you get there. More often than not, after all that work and worry, you will inevitably sit for at least a little while in a completely empty house. It’s true! These things are are almost always hit or miss, feast or famine. (For all I know, ten minutes after sharing this I might have a houseful of eager shoppers, but as of right now, na-da). There was this one time however, I pulled up to the listing almost  twenty minutes early to a driveway FULL of cars – all waiting to get in and take a peek of the home I’d promised to show. Some things you just can’t plan for, and open houses are most definitely one of them!

Behold – the totally empty house I raced across town to present. To nobody. 

With the amount of people currently working in real estate, especially here in Florida, it amazes me that this isn’t a better known fact honestly. People think this job is easy, and if you do it haphazardly I suppose it could be. The truth is, there’s a finesse to this business. It’s more than punching in the numbers and placing signs in yards. You need diligence. Creativity. Empathy. And a whole lot of PATIENCE!


Take heart, friends! There are plus sides to hosting these opens as well – don’t be discouraged by my behind the scenes honesty. While it’s true, there’s an awful, awful lot of waiting. . .



But then finally – the door handle turns, and no matter how many times you’ve done one of these things, your heart catches in your throat. Who could it be?!



A looky-loo? Curious neighbor? Or somebody who’s going to welcome me into their lives, at least long enough to help with this incredibly important decision their making?!?

Every single time, I just can’t wait to find out.

At the end of the day, every moment of preparation, careful attention to detail, and yes even sitting and waiting patiently is absolutely worth it.

Being good at what I do is only part of why I’ve been successful. In my heart, I think the bigger secret is finding joy in helping. Seeing a couple purchase their first home together, or seeing them purchase their first after a lifetime someplace far, far away. Helping a single parent make her dreams come true. Finding a young couple a rental home, only to discover they’ve saved enough money to purchase just a year later – and in cash!

These are my stories, folks. I’ve held on to a piece of every single person I’ve worked with over all my years in real estate. So today, I’ll happily sit and wait. Who knows what my next story will be?




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