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Traditional Home-Selling Tips – TO IGNORE!

Have you noticed, the moment you share the thought of *possibly* selling your home, everyone suddenly has an opinion? It can be so difficult to decipher the good advice from the bad, and as quickly as our real estate market changes it's becoming crucial to a successful sale that you (and your Realtor!) understand what… Continue reading Traditional Home-Selling Tips – TO IGNORE!

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Virtual Open Houses – THIS WEEKEND!

Whether you're comfortable being out and about or not, there is SO much to be said for house hunting from the comfort of your own living room, isn't there? It is true - no matter how comprehensive the virtual tour may be, it's no replacement or standing smack in the middle of a home you're… Continue reading Virtual Open Houses – THIS WEEKEND!

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Before You Choose Your Realtor – Read THIS!

When more than 90% of consumers search for and often find the homes they're interested in independent of a Realtor - only contacting one once they know what they want to see in person, how important is it to hire someone to work for you - and how do you know they're the right one… Continue reading Before You Choose Your Realtor – Read THIS!

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How Do Virtual Closings Even Work?

In this new age of virtual everything, experiences that are already pretty foreign and unnerving for most feel downright impossible now. Never fear! Here in Florida, the land of part time residency, mail away and virtual closings have always been a part of how we do things in the real estate business. Admittedly, we are… Continue reading How Do Virtual Closings Even Work?

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It’s Market Update Time!

We are officially nearing the end of July, and you know what that means - it's time to take a peek at last month's numbers, and I am happy to share that the numbers are GOOD! Particularly in looking year over year, inventory is down from last year - holding at just over 3 months… Continue reading It’s Market Update Time!

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Need a Luxurious Treat? Try This!

First of all, can I just say that I am *not* finished with the bread making craze of 2020's lockdown - BUT - in the spirit of keeping things fresh, I thought I might try something new. You 'southerners' may call this drink a "frappe" (where I'm from "frappe = milkshake!"), but whatever you may… Continue reading Need a Luxurious Treat? Try This!

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Reviews are EVERYTHING!

If you live in a place as vacation-friendly as SW Florida, chances are you know a good number of realtors. There are currently more than 9,000 actively licensed real estate professionals in my market! WOW, right? But how can you know that you're working with the right professional for you? Not all realtors are created… Continue reading Reviews are EVERYTHING!

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Mortgage Pre-Approval: Are you ready?

With mortgage applications at historic highs - largely due to interest rates being at historic lows - so many of my newest customers are first time buyers, wondering if they might have a chance at taking advantage of the current market. The answer is an overwhelming YES! TRY! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?! Coming… Continue reading Mortgage Pre-Approval: Are you ready?

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Selling During the Shut Down – What to know:

There are so many questions amid the Covid-19 quarantine. The real estate market is especially hard hit, and we know that sellers in particular have significant concerns about how this shut down will affect market value. Real estate at its core is a relationship-driven business. It relies on person-to-person interaction, which needless to say is… Continue reading Selling During the Shut Down – What to know:

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Squeaky Clean in Crazy Times!

The most overused phrase of the year - "these are crazy times". Unfortunately, for so many of us, that is truer than true. If you're not in a mandatory shelter in place location, it's highly possible that you will be sometime soon. So how do you protect your home, with supplies so scarce? Happily, I… Continue reading Squeaky Clean in Crazy Times!