For The Writing. . .

Hello out there! Things have changed just a little  bit for this Cozy Home Enthusiast. . .I not only sell little houses, I also write in them! That’s correct folks, my passion for creating cozy homes has taken me on quite an adventure over the past few years.

    After a short break from the real estate business, I’ve returned full force, full time, and full steam! Whoop whoop!  It is absolutely as unpredictable and challenging as I remember, BUT here’s the exciting part: I think I’m better at it now. Or maybe I’m better at trusting myself now. In the end, what matters is that I’m doing what I love to do, and finding success as I personally measure it.

Fail Better
To be clear ~ this is NOT meant to be negative self speak. I definitely meant this to read: inspirational, not “I will always be a failure”. Is it working??

I have a great team that I’ll be posting about from time to time. They’re odd ducks, like me, but each in different ways that amount to something good and solid, in a  business full of phonies. *No offense, fellow Realtors! I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re one of the good ones – and I mean that!

     BUT – I also have this novel that I have at least lowkey committed to finishing. You know that Maya Angelou quote everybody who’s ever written a book has referenced at least once, about how horrible to have a story inside you just waiting to be written? (I’m paraphrasing here). I hate to be cliche. . . yet here we are. So, while I may share my latest listings, I will also pledge right now to share my latest chapters.

   Is this the first novelist/real estate blog? Possibly. But I’m not trying to break records. I’m just trying to be me, y’all!

yogi rapper
Like 70% yogi, 20% hippy/weirdo/nerd and 10% gangster rapper. Lets be real, folks.

Here’s to authenticity – in any form you can find it!


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