Real Estate

Voting Starts Tomorrow!

It’s that time again! As members of the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association, WE have the power (and responsibility) to choose who we put our faith in to lead this 9,000+ strong Member Driven mega-board!

Last year, did you know less than 500 people participated in the voting process? We can’t let that happen again!

There are 5 open positions on the board of directors, and 7 well qualified professionals running to hold those coveted seats (myself included). Each of us would bring a wealth of value to our members – there is no wrong vote here. Humbly, I ask you to allow me the opportunity to be one of the chosen 5, with the promise that I will not take for granted the faith you’ve put in me – and will work every day to better our association from within.

Please consider giving me your vote for the 2023 board of directors. Let my passion, dedication and exuberance help to drive increased member involvement, community outreach, and overall continued success ~ all of the goals I know RPCRA holds dear.


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