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How Do Virtual Closings Even Work?

In this new age of virtual everything, experiences that are already pretty foreign and unnerving for most feel downright impossible now.

Never fear! Here in Florida, the land of part time residency, mail away and virtual closings have always been a part of how we do things in the real estate business. Admittedly, we are doing it an awful lot more often now – but that just means I’m better versed than many, and happy to share my wealth of experience and information to make YOUR experience more comfortable.

23 states – including Florida have remote online notarization policies”

Many lenders will send your entire closing packet via email, or overnight express mail like fedex. If you aren’t comfortable with a remote closing situation, but a title company in your area isn’t willing to close you in person – that’s okay too! A mobile notary can be sent to your home, place of business, or neutral outdoor area if you prefer, and will take you through the closing process beginning to end. In that case, you would simply place signed paperwork back in a pre-paid envelope and then return to our local closing company here in Florida.

Surprisingly simple, isn’t it?

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